Indirect or further connections among multiple tables

Conceptually, I’m trying to use an email field to connect an account’s user role → household → student. the connections are user to household (1:1), household to student (1:many). While i can set the email connection in the family table to user email, I cannot (for the life of me) see how to leverage the email connection field in the household record to create a connected student record with the household email value. How does one structure a one-step-removed type connection situation? Can I only do this if the user role → student (1:many)?

Hi @Sara

I think this is what you are trying to do if it isn’t please let me know.
The way we do this is using text formulas. It took us a while to figure this out. To get the email field in a connected object that is one removed, In the household object create a text formula that displays the email from the user. Then in the student object you can use a text formula to display the email text formula field from the household. If you then need this as an email field you can set a conditional rule on an email field in the student object to equal the email text formula in the student object.
It’s a bit convoluted but it works. You can’t access an objects fields if they are 1 removed.

If I’ve misunderstood please let me know and I’ll try again.


Craig, Thanks for confirming what I suspected. It seems like this should be clearly documented somewhere, but maybe I missed it. And the conclusion I draw (or paraphrasing) from your solution is to simply get rid of the connection between household and student, and use a text formula of the “connecting” email to set the same value in the student record. Make sense? And thank you again!