Concatenate Child-Values in Form Submission Email?

I have Parent-Child tables.

I also have a form on the Parent table that, when submitted, sends an email. In that email, I would like to include a summary (concatenation) of a text field on the child tables.

Any hints on how to accomplish this?

Hi, @mcmasty!

Thank you for sharing your question here!

Fields with a “many” connection are not available to use in Text Formula fields since there are many values connected and not a single value from a record that can be pulled in. You can read more about text formulas here.

If I’m understanding your explanation of your setup correctly, you will only be able to use a Text Formula field from the Child table if your Form view’s data source is not from the Parent Table but is from the Child table.

Please reach out to support if you have further questions about this, and they will be happy to help!