Record ID shows in stead of Display Field

Does anybody else have this problem?

I have a Short Text field set with Conditions to use a connected value. Problem is that the Connected Value is shown as the Record ID and not the actual name of the connected record.
This is not an issue of Display on the Object settings - my Display is set to "Account Description", yet the value it shows is the KNACK Record ID for that specific Record.




I've logged it with Support - haven't heard back yet (just that they're looking into it). I have actually recreated some fields to see if that solves the problem - but, no. 

I'm not sure if it'll help you - but the way I have it set up is:

1. Connection field - i.e. Account

2. Short text field - with Conditional Rules - one of which is to show the Field Value of the Connection Field (Account - from step 1)

So, where the Conditional Rule uses the Connection Field value is where the RecordID then shows up.

Might have to ask support but would love to know how you did it, I have to use a javascript routine to get the recordID in a form and even more hassle for a connected field and there is no reason Knack couldn't create a field to add it automatically. I had some where things happen to data in the transition to the new builder so there may be a bug. In some cases I had to recreate fields to get them populated correctly. It has been a bit of a hassle during migration but it was a bullet we had to bite. 

Yeah - I've done that. Unfortunately no luck.

Try updating those records and see if those fields update properly with descriptions