Get a connection field's record ID

I have an object that contains a Connection field to another object. I simply need to get the Connection field’s record ID so I can assemble a URL link. Unfortunately, trying to copy the value onto a Short text saves it in a format of some kind, which does not allow text formulas to work.

Any solutions?

I’m curious how you are obtaining the connected RecordID as this is not exposed within the builder. Can you explain more.
Personally I would use Integromat to achieve this and write it to a number field on creation of the parent.

Conditional Formatting.

If you set fields such as a Short text field = a connection value, it works. But I believe it arrives in a span format, hence the reason the app cannot process it correctly. It appears in the form [“id”] if copied onto a Rich text.

Here’s an example of grabbing the recordId from the dom:

var value = $(’#view_195 > section > div > div > div > div > > > span’).text();