Ability to access the specific record or a connected record's ID

I’ve been working on creating modifications to an existing “Task” system, but the tasks can pertain to many different types of objects. As a result, we have a terrifying table full of “Connected click-here” records that take the user to the entity/page it relates to.

I’ve come up with a solution involving building the page links out using text formulas, but I need to be able to obtain the record ids to assemble these links.

A second possible idea could be creating a “table bundle.” Let’s say I have 10 different connection fields, and I know that only one of them will ever be populated. It would be fantastic if I could create a display in a table that only uses one column, but only displays the first field that has a record populated (isn’t blank). This way I could preserve the connection link without having to use a bunch of Zapier calls per day, which is not cheap.