Using Record_ID in Text Formula

I created a Text Formula field called Map Link in an effort to provide a link from the map icon popup window. I want users to access record details in the same manner as they can from the "View Details" link on the List of records that accompanies the map. WHY can't I use the {record_id} value in a link like I CAN use in an outbound email link?

I am not looking for a workaround using Zapier or some other solution. I want to be able to build a text formula that simply uses the {record id} value to load detail views in URL's as needed. It works GREAT in outbound emails - should work just as smooth in the builder.

I think another user found a great way to do this - check out this post:

Not 100% sure this is the scenario you are describing with the text formulas, but I am able to send a direct link to a user to edit the specific record that the email is regarding, using RECORD ID in combination with page URLs and link feature in the email tool. 

Totally... this would be so useful.  I think others, and myself, have put feature requests in for essentially the same thing:  some way to simply access and make use of the record ID.  Using it in Text Formulas is a perfect example and would have so much potential:  a way to make a permanent link to page profile for any record object!  I.e. user profiles, object profiles, etc!  Then... one could easily make Facebook LIke buttons for these page urls, thus adding social media interactivity!