Display only one record in connected records (Table view)

Anyone know if it is possible to only display a single record for connected records in table view? I see option to separate the records displayed by comma or line break. I just only want to list the most recent record. Thanks!

Hi Nino,

There’s likely a few options here, including a Knack workaround where you update a newly added one-to-one connection field in your source topic every time an update is triggered from the child records (from the other one-to-many connection field you’re currently using), but honestly the easiest option for you, if you’re just trying to solve this problem for a single column display, is to use custom CSS to target that column and hide all but the first/last line (depending on your sort order).

The following code is an example:

/* Hide the values -- must not be using links */
/* Change the view_x and field_x to your respective view number and field number (should be the connection field) */
/* Use :last-child instead of :first-child if you want to hide all but the last line */

#view_x tbody td.field_x span span:not(:first-child) {
    display: none;

/* Hide the line breaks */

#view_x tbody td.field_x span br {
    display: none;

Hope that helps!