Two records, identical content: What to Do

I have two people in my database with the same name. (I'm surprised it's taken so long for this to happen.) Does anyone have any tips or insights of how to keep the two separate? I have one Object with a list of names that several other Objects connect to in order to access those names, and as it stands this will cause all child records associated with that name to (a) show the name twice and (b) not connect to the correct associated records.

You are correct as for the key, every knack record has a key, it is not visible to the user but you can “see” it on the url of every record or if using Javascript.

What happens is in the dropdowns these key are not visible, only one of the record’s field, like name or something and it can get confusing for the users.


Not sure it's a good idea to try to do this manually. I'm designing even a small app, and I anticipate I may run into this.

In most db's, there's an id/key field. Certainly we could add one, but is it necessary? Does Knack do a good job of ensuring the connected record(s) pull correctly? I suppose I still have to figure out how to make sure the correct one is selected from a dropdown (or whatever).

Anybody have any advice?


From my experience, this is something that happens in every database system.

You need to keep an eye out and delete double entries manually.