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Hello all, how can I prevent duplicate records? I have a scenario where if an appraisal record already has data for major achievements and areas of improvement, the system will notify the user and prevent them from submitting a new entry. Thanks and appreciate the advice :slight_smile:

In the Settings of “Appraisal” check the “Must be Unique” box. Knack will prevent duplicates automatically.


Hi Erik, thanks for taking the time on this. Appraisal serves as a connection so no option that it will be a unique.

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Hi @RonB - unfortunately there is no built in simple method to check for duplicate values currently. This can be done with Javascript so it checks before the form is submitted. I’m not a coder but there are plenty in the Knack community. The other option may be to checkout my college (@JulianKirkness) blog post on this subject.

Hello @RonB ,

You can do 1 thing instead of preventing duplicates you can remove that from the dropdown. Add a count field in the Appraisal object. if the count is >0 then don’t show this in the dropdown.

Sunny Singla


Hi @Sunny_Singla , thanks for taking the time on this. The dropdown is an auto increment ID so that must be unique when I create something with the Appraisal object.


In form where you show this connected dropdown add rule show only records having count field is <1 or count=0

Sunny Singla

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