Duplicate Records Checker

Ok, Ive seen this has been asked a few times over the years, but as an experienced Knack developer Ive notbeen able to find or think of a good native soltuion without resorting to api’s in and out of knack.

Does anyone have a suggestion for record duplicates. Specifically on lastname & postode. I cant use formula fields to check as they are not able to be flagged as unique (only created after data entry).

I wish Knack had a native dupe checker, but it seems to not have been something they have really looked at, despite requests.

Andrew Steele (UK)

Hello Andrew,

There is no native solution. But using javascript I did this many times. And also explain in the below request.



javascript used

$(“#field_281 , #field_282”).live(“change , blur”,function(){

$(“#field_283”).val($(“#field_281”).val()+" “+$(”#field_282").val());

Sunny Singla

Thanks Sunny, I guess we may be able adapt that one - I really wanted to “flag” a field so we can omit them from tables once found.

Sunny is the best! This solution works great for our app. It prevents the user from even submitting the form in the first place.

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Hi Thanks for this, but the leads are coming in via api, not a form, so we need to check and flag once they are in the object.

Then why you not try to concatenate those field via API (it actually looks simple as I think)

It does, but we are not supplying the leads - its from outsode websites and they are not able to do so, apparently :slight_smile: