Remove DUPS (duplicate records) found in Database

As Knack Builder, I would like to be able to detect and delete duplicate records so that I can maintain a clean and accurate database.

Scenario: Sometimes on an import, my spreadsheet isn't set up with the exact data needed to match so duplicate records are created. Another example is if a field value had a slight typo but another field value matches; those should be combined.

This just needs text formula fields to be able to be unique. Be great if they do this.

I'm also looking for this feature. It's rather discouraging to see that in five years no one has even responded to this request let alone implement it. 

Yes. This feature is very helpful for data management. Do kindly implement this. Thank you.

+1 for me...this would be VERY usefull!

Has this been added?  I need it, too.

Yes, please, please, please add this feature..

Add me to the list of those that need this feature.

+1 from me please


I'd also like to know if there's been any work done regarding this

Was a method for this developed. thank you

I need this ASAP!!! I need this and ecommerce, but this would help me find those DUPS and purge them quickly.

Agreed. I have a similar problem to Melissa. Even a 'Must be unique' rule for the 'Name' field would help me eliminate the majority of my duplicates. I was told early on this wasn't a good idea but never really understood why.

I agree. I really need a feature to control the entry of duplicates. I have users entering the same contact name several times, it’s getting really messy.


This would really help me out right now!