Check for duplicate entries

 anyone found a way to check or report on duplicate entries? I have a field text formula that generates a uniques ref but you cant use UNIQUE on a formula ... I cant think of a way of finding them except sorting a table byt this ref and wading through ... anyone any ideas please?


Andrew Steele (UK)

You mentioned if they type phone number the same way. Is your phone number field formatted as 'phone number' or text?

Hi Neal,

yes that works but means yo have to wade through many pages of tables with a single entry in 99.9% of all groups just to find the ones that have 2 or more in ... thanks though, its a start

Hi Sam, yes thats the only way I can see it working at the moment.  We keep telephone number unique as well, so it checks as you enter, but only if the same number has been sent it and is typed in the same way. 



I can't think of a good way in Knack, but you could export the table, open with MS Excel, then use conditional formatting to highlight duplicates.

Idea :

Grouping summary on formula field might help.

Each unique value of formula field will show corresponding duplicate records.

Would you like to update/merge duplicate records to remove duplicates?

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