Combine fields to make a unique record

Is there any way to make a text formula field, unique? I would like to combine brand, product and part number fields to become a unique record in the table. In database terms we call it a clustered index. Is this possible in knack?

Concatenate an Auto Increment into the Text Formula with your other fields and it would give you a unique value.

Ok - so how do you enforce that uniqueness of the text formula?

You can’t enforce it as you can’t make a text formula field “unique” as a field option. However, each entry will be unique even if the other details are identical as each field will have a different auto increment.

Hi @Randall

Carl is correct in what he says - however it would be possible to do in Javascript - or simpler, a combination of some simple Javascript and Integromat. I have recently written a blog post about multi field uniqueness using Integromat in fact:

I hope you find this useful!!