Applying the Unique Value Rule to a Text Formula Field

As a builder and end user, I want to apply the Unique Value setting to a Text Formula field so that we can prevent duplicate invoices coming from a particular vendor/originator of the transaction.

Since each vendor/originator of a transaction has their own operating system there is a possibility that different vendors would use the same invoice # at some point in time, so we don’t want to just say every invoice # is unique since it’s possible that won’t be the case. So in order to get one unique field we would need to join both the vendor and invoice fields using a Text Formula or some other function that merges them together without the end user having to do anything different. Then we would want to apply the Unique Value setting to that joined field.

Hey @Brad - as you’re probably aware, you can’t set a text formula as unique. This subject has come up before and my college Julian Kirkness has written an article. I’m sure that this could also be solved with some JavaScript checking the values before the form is submitted, but I’m not a coder. :blush:

Thanks for the info Carl! I’m definitely don’t write any code either but I can share this with some guys here that do and maybe we can use this.