Show only logged in user data

Having trouble figuring out how to show different Page data report info linked to only the logged in user. Using the new Builder I cannot find the feature anymore. Help pages only show how to do it with the old version of Builder.

For example I have a Loads list with many loads connected to many drivers. I have a Drivers role with many users. I have a Page with lists of loads and dashboard info. How do I allow logged in drivers only see the load info from Pages that is connected to them?

FYI make sure your Page has Login Required turned on otherwise the Logged-in User options won't display

Not sure what you are unable to find but what you are describing is object structure and Table filter on the Object. Loads should have a connection field to Accounts/Accounts Role and the view Page should contain a Table of Loads and you can either choose the Object that lists the "Loads Object by User" or Select the Loads Object to display in the table and change the Source filter to shows records that are connected to the logged-in User/Role![](upload://xA5EkDLxA200nfiDKQRfbAvikfl.png)