Change Data Source when Linked to logged in User

As we have to use multiple login views for different user roles to give different fields I copied a standard user which had records linked to the user so they were regional but wanted to use it for the manager so wanted all records but you cant just copy/paste and change the source you have to then delete the table and recreate it.

Can we add the ability to change the source making copy/paste all thats needed for this.

So Jessie, that was 3 years ago.  And when will Knack come up with this capability?

Hi Jessie,

For my app this would be helpfull as well. 

It is possible to restrict the records a certain user sees (own project/client whatsoever), so it should be 'just as easy' doing it afterwards without having to rebuilt the entire structure.



Hi Dan - We can see how it would be useful to change the data source of a view that works with the same object (when it is created to show records connected to the logged-in user). Added it to our list to discuss. Thanks!