Show/hide rules based on logged in user for edit and delete record link in list and details view


I have made an incident reporting app with knack. The app is to log injuries or accidents happened in the organization. So when an incident occurs, a designated person creates a report in knack app. The report object is connected to user object. So basically each report has a field called reported by.

In my app I have a list view which shows all reported incidents. Right now I can make edit or delete links but they are visible to all users so anyone can edit any report, which I don't want. Of course, I can create another view and show records connected to the reported by field. But that's double work for me.

So I want to have an edit link in the list item only visible to the person who have reported that item (incident). Can this be done without customization? I tried using JavaScript, it fairly simple for detail views but a bit tricky for list view as list have multiple records.

Thanks for Help


You will need to copy your view and set different permissions on the different versions then add the links you want on the user level you want them.

But it would be nice as a rule so field level permissions rather than duplication, I agree and have asked before for Field Level Access Control I think.