Changing Data Source for Table

As a Knack Builder I would like to be able to change the Data Source of a view (particularly one on that uses, or doesn’t use, the logged-in user) so that I can update what a user can see in a table without spending lots of time rebuilding the same detailed setup. This would also be helpful to be able to copy a view (with all its display and other rules)

Scenario: As I was setting up a table in Knack I didn’t think I wanted to restrict the information that was in it, but now that I know a little bit more about building views in Knack, I know that I actually want to restrict it only to show records connected to the logged-in user.

Agree - also the ability to a copy a table (to save redoing all its subordinate pages) and then being able to change the data source. For me, I have some objects that are very similar but need to be separate.

I also need this capability. I built an app using the "logged in user" as the main data record being accessed in multiple views, but the records are really for customers who don't log in themselves, the sales manager does it for them. It was only done this way because it was suggested as an easy way to move from tab(view) tab without having to re-choose the customer each time. I streamlined the process for a salesperson to create a new user ID and log in for each customer, but it is still time-consuming. I want to change my app to use a normal table and just use a global variable for the currently selected customer instead. I have copied all my views (there are many) but need to be able to change the data source.

Would like this also


Agreed! This would save a lot of work!

Yes this would save a huge amount of rework when our tables are linked with multiple levels of subordinate pages.

For me, I don't mind if I am locked into the physical table, but it is more when the table is added to a form via connected records.

For example, my table might include "Changed By" and "Created By" fields.

When I created the form, it might be listing records that are "Created By" a user. I might then want to change the table so that it displays "Changed By" user records. If I could just break the connection and reestablish within logical constraints (like having the same source table - that would be great!