Connection to the same Object

Ref: Earlier How-to:

I would like it for use as below:

Scenario 1:

Company -> Company Object Record

Parent Company -> Connection to Company Object Record

So when you have companies and divisions/subsidiaries so for example Microsoft and then Microsoft UK.

Currently I have to have a Company Object and then a Division Object

Scenario 2:

With a site structure, I want to create say:

Site -> Building --> Floor ---> Zone ----> Area -----> Room

But some sites might not have a Zone so then they would have an empty object as above.

2 years later, i am facing the same issue
any update on that from Knack?

how you all did manage to deal with that kiind of modeling?


Can anyone with Knack provide an update on the Bug-fix.  This is a valuable feature and one which i have several scenarios that i can use it for.  Don't want to move forward if it is still not working correctly.

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This is a standard database feature and appears to be implemented but with a bug that the view doesn't filter correctly as above, can this be fixed please.




I see the latest blog on the connection update, would love to see this handled to allow an unlimited depth structure with one object linked to itself (Nice and clean). It nearly works which is worse.....




I have tried doing this and taking the Company & Parent Company example the company table then shows the parent company as another company and links to that OK but the issue is on the page I have the Company Details and the Parent Company Details which are from the record and the connected record (But the same object) and they should be different as seen in the table but they are the same which means for the parent company it shows a parent company even when the fields should be empty and for the company it shows the parent company as the same company not the other one :(