Two connections to the same object

Hi, I'm quite new to database creation..

But I was wondering how do I create two connections between the same object ?

Let's say I have an object called "Airports" that lists the world's airports.

and I have another new object "Travel", where I'd like to have one field for "Departure Airport" and another field called "Arrival Airport".. Both of them are a respective connection to the "Airports" object.

How do I do that? Thanks a lot.

Ahh.. thanks a lot for the help guys. Now I've really "Got it". Not realising I could close that warning and try to create the connection a second time was where I was stuck previously. All good now!

(and sorry for the late reply - been fiddling around with other things in knack lol)

knack is confusing at first when you try to create the second connection to the same target object. it shows a message with a warning but instead of clicking Got It, you can actually click the X in the top right corner to close the warning and proceed to create the connection...


You can simply create two connections (from the Travel object) to Airports. Call one "Departure Airport" and the other "Arrival Airport".

Hope this helps!