Relate "Connect" Locations to Buildings

Hi, coming from a SQL background I am trying to understand how Knack makes relations between Objects aka "Tables".

For instance, say I have a Locations object and a Buildings object, Locations can have many buildings, buildings have one location. I've made this connection in Knack already, but the relation does not seem to exist (or I'm not sure how to test if it's worked or not).

This being said, what does Knack use for a unique key for each Building to match to a Location? Do I specify it like an SQL key, if not, how does Knack know what Building field should be used for Locations? I feel it should be simple, but the simplicity makes it complicated.

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

Thank you, I got it!

Hi Ryan;

For the example, you must create a conection field, in the case of the image is "Buildings of location" with the relation: 1 location connects with many Buildings and Buildings connects with 1 location.

In knack you dont need to create a specific index, the the connections "plays" like index, and you can add the connections that you need, knack is super flexible, and in the interfase section, automaticly knack displays the relations that you need based upon the connections you define in the table.

Knack its simply powerfull!!!