Multiple connections between objects

Im struggling with finding out if what i want is even possible in Knack.

I have one object which is holding all our trucks, and i want to keep track of all items that might expire, such as yearly inspection, tightening of wheels, dangerous goods certifications etc.

What i wanted to do was to make another object which holds all our assets that might expire, so that we can track everything that needs to be renewed inside our company, not only truck related things, but also inspection of forklifts, yearly tank inspections etc. In this object i’d make different types of assets, for instance different certificates for the trucks. This works fairly well, i can assign responsibilities for the individual asset types to my employees, and i can get a good overview of everything we need to handle within the next month for instance.

My problem is that our trucks are placed in one object, and the different certificates for each truck are placed in another. I tried making more than one connection, because each truck has several assets attached to it, but I cant figure out how to place the assets in different fields in the truck object.

Is it even possible?

This should be bread and butter for Knack - you simply have a connection from the Asset to the Truck which you can then use to create a detail page for the truck with details of the truck and a table with a list of it’s connected assets:

You should probably not try to have individual fields in the Truck object for the assets but rather individual connected records for each one. You may find this article useful:


Hi Julian,

Thanks for taking the time to answer!
Its a good solution, ill try that.