Field Type Link - with multiple links

Hi there,

I am fairly new to knack and so forgive me if I am somewhat not well informed, but is it possible to have multiple links in a single record under one field type? I know that the field type of LINK only allows one link per record. I am looking for multiple links. Please see screenshot below to see what I mean:

Would this be possible via customization through JavaScript or some other way? Or this just can't be done?

I greatly appreciate any help!


Many thanks Julian. This is precisely what I did to achieve what I was looking for.

Also I found a tutorial which describes the concept in detail (for anyone looking for something similar)

I'm not entirely sure what you mean - but I think you should look at a page (either edit or view) based on the main object and then a table on the page containing your attached records from a connected object - maybe looking like:

Tis screen is showing a training course event and then below is a table showing people booked on it - so it's not the same type of use case but I think you could have something like an Inspections Object with a sub object (Connected to it) of Inspection evidence.