Advanced Image Field

I would love to see an advanced image field (Replacing the current one or with a simple/advanced choice) with the ability to Drag ‘n’ Drop, Copy ‘n’ Paste or Browse ‘n’ Upload (With options in the fields admin to choose which of these to allow on the user interface) and the ability to allow multiple uploads (Again with an option in the fields admin to allow or disallow multiple uploads on the user interface)


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Has anyone had a response directly from Knack ?

Any comments from Knack on whether or not this is even a consideration right now? 

Also very interested in the progress. I have a client asking specifically about this and it will be a significant amount of work to create a custom option for them. I'd like to know if this is close or not before I go down that road.


How's it going with the gallery function Knack Team? 


Or the ability to add plugins so the community can add these.



I have an app needing around 20 images per record. The current method is a bit unreasonable in that scenario.

Agreed - for people designing Apps where the individual records contain images, the current image upload / display options are quite basic. 

Added to the above suggestion - a slideshow feature where users can click / scroll through all images associated with that record would be great. 

Allow users to upload more than one file in a file upload field. A min/max can be set in the builder.

Something similar can be done:

Create an object called "Uploads" / "Attachments" / Whatever makes sense. Set up fields like "Upload Name", "Upload" (Field type: File"), "Connected Record" (Connection to whatever object you want the uploads connected to). We also have fields for Uploaded date/time and Uploaded by that both populate on Submit.

On your interface, we have a table to show all attachments currently connected to the record with a link to edit the attachment (ie change the name, etc), and a form to add an attachment.

This way, rather than having multiple files contained within an upload, we have multiple uploads with a single file each. If you're uploading many files at once, this could be tedious, but we are only uploading a few files for each connected record, and this lets us do version tracking, etc.

Hope this helps? Post back if you'd like more info.