Multiple Photo Uploads

As a Live App user, I would like to be able to upload multiple photos at once; as a Builder I would like to be able to assign these photos all to a single record field.

Scenario: An app for vehicle inspections requires photos showing the condition of the vehicle. Currently you have to add multiple photo fields to your forms because you can only upload one photo in one field making your submission form really long which make is difficult to use on a mobile device.

Actually, you don't need several photo fields added to forms, you can place a button that opens a form that will add a photo connected record to your car inspection record, when uploaded it should be configured to return to parent window, rinse and repeat, on the parent window you can have a list of all connected photos.

The main point here is to not have the "photo" record directly on your object, but has a connect one that will only have photos.

Sure, you still can only upload one at a time, but solves your "several photo input" issue.

A way to just select several files and drag and drop them to an area of knack that would then automatically create a record for each of those files would be awesome, and auto resize a bonus.

Very much wanted feature!

This would be very handy for my users. Resize would be a BIG bonus. Please.

This is a must in the mobile world we are now in.

I agree this would be useful - especially with the ability to automatically resize files (rather than forcing users to resize at source).