Allow multiple file uploads using Jotform an Integromat

There is no native way to upload multiple files at once in Knack. There are a few custom code solutions on this forum but I thought I would share another way of adding this functionality to your app by leveraging two other no-code tools: Jotform and Integromat.

The concept is to use a dynamic embed Jotform form inside of Knack, the submission triggers an Integromat scenario that upload the files in Knack and create the connection with the parent record.

I wrote a detailed how-to here

This method is interesting because it can be applied to many different apps that can be embedded. for example I used a similar method to build a Calendly integration.

I chose Jotform because it is a very powerful form builder with a great “Upload” field but it is possible to achieve similar results with other online form builder.

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