Resizing Images in Knack with Integromat

I've just written a blog post describing how to resize image inside Knack using the integration tool Integromat:


I hope people find this useful - and I'll probably follow this up with other articles around Knack and other connected apps.

I found that the upload process changes the file name, which is a big problem. I was trying to use ImageOptim service that can resize and compress photos; It is widely used to compress photos for use on websites and does a fantastic job. I have only used the desktop product. I noticed they offer a web service (paid) through an API that I wanted to try. I got it to work eventually, with great savings on file size. However, the renaming and also issues with using thumbnails remained. I love the Integromat product, but for this situation they weren't helpful. For databases that use a lot of pics, it would be great to simply upload them and have them resized and compressed on the fly. This is especially true for accessing them, on mobile devices. It could even allow users to upload pics directly from a handheld device, which would be incredibly useful. 

If you can figure out a workflow to get this to work cleanly it would be great. Perhaps the Knack folks would be able to help since ti could really boost functionality of the Knack platform.


Hi Rory, Chuck

Thank you for pointing this out - it is still possible to do this but it now requires an additional step - the file has to be uploaded and then the record linked to the uploaded file - I am going to update the article now!


It appears that they have altered the record update module and have broken this workflow. The module no longer has the ability to enter filename and data. have tried many workarounds with limited success. I contacted Integromat and didn't really get a very useful response 

Hi Julian,
Do you still use the same process? I have followed your blog post and I haven't been able to get it working.

It certainly looks like a neat solution.

Brilliant, thanks for sharing this!