Resize Image Uploads Automatically

Would it be possible to automatically resize image uploads to a specified size?

I know there is the thumbnail resize feature but it would be good to automatically reduce to a set format.

This would reduce storage size and upload connection issues for our mobile users - very often with poor connections.

Image fields now support automatic image resizing when the image is uploaded. This means you can automatically resize images to a web friendly size or a custom size when they are uploaded. This is great for ensuring all images are a uniform size and reducing the over all storage in the app.

Hello....looking for an update on this....has it been implemented?

@knack please let us know the status. Anxiously awaiting this feature. Thanks!

Clarifying biggest issue for our app is time required to upload full-size images on mobile devices, since have to assume 4G and not 5G, LTE, or WiFi and where even LTE often too slow for 10MB+ default iOS image sizes.

Storage space is a much more distant secondary concern.

Yep.  Totally All we need for our app is low rez photos for screen display... but instead there is no easy for users to upload only the high rez images that their phones snaps.  And of course, as phone get more powerful, the images get bigger and bigger.  Knack is thus storing high resolution images that we totally don't need.  And charging for it.  This kinda sucks!

Hi Guys, please consider the re-size option as most users use high resolution photographs either via mobile or pc uploads. Online storage is expensive and we are limited with space. 

Yes, definite vote up. 

The thumbnails after upload option helps file storage in the database -- however, the bigger issue is when users are uploading images from a mobile device, where the default image size is many megabytes and it is non-trivial for them to downscale the image.

Would be super helpful if a widget existed that would prompt the user to auto-scale to a developer-specified set of sizes, such as 7MB to 4MB, 2MB, or 0.5MB in the same way that iOS will prompt you to change message sizes after hitting send on a mobile email.

Good dig out Gavin, obviously it is of interest for others as well.

I did try by asking our users to set the resolution on their phones to a lower setting but the quality was very poor unless in perfect light (many various devices - Samsung, Apple, etc.), ultimately, our guys work hard in the day, the last thing they want to do is mess around trying to take a nice picture for the office! 

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the response.
Seems there is some interested here (and the other link below): 

but I wonder how much interest they consider enough to put it on the roadmap !

The following link comes close but only really helps with the resulting storage size/utilisation because the image is uploaded in its entirety and the form must be submitted before the rule is validated. 

There would need to be some sort of compression/resize handled locally on the device for it to achieve any improvement in areas of limited reception. (maybe this will be a feature in that other common request for an "offline mode" which would solve any poor connection issues).

It would be good to get an update from Knack on this.

All I have heard Gavin is that there is no immediate plans for this but if interest is high it may get looked at. 

I'm very much interested in this also.
Have you had any direct response to this ?