Image auto-resize & Image Gallery

I'm creating an apartment listing site and could use the added functionality of auto image resizing and picture gallery function.

What happened to the max width and max height?  My options only show height and width and so you end up changing the ratio and altering the image vs keeping the ratio the same and defining a max height/width.

This maybe should be a different post but I use images mainly for avatars for my users and I always want them to be square. I am forever downloading the pics they’ve uploaded and cropping them to a square and them re uploading them. What would really help me would be:

  • Allow users to resize / crop images like you can on eg. Twitter (see pic)
  • Import a photo direct from a device’s camera/webcam

I had a situation where I needed the same picture in 3 different sizes (1 - in table view. 2nd in Details view and 3rd in advanced details view). I did this as follows:

I created the main image field, then created a secondary image field. I created a task that saves the first image to the second image field and in the second image field I set the thumbnail re-sized to my required size. This gave me 3 different image sizes that are automatically re-sized accordingly. 

Hope this helps

Already a feature request thread for this here Omar!

General image enhancements are def. required Team Knack...  

FYI Omar - there is already a thumbnail resize option which you can use - in the fields page in builder - select an image field, click resize or something and you can select what size you want the image resized to (as below)