Limit Image Upload Size Feature

There should be a way to limit image size uploaded in the database settings. This way users are not able to upload massive photos that take much space. While having users upload from a url saves storage space, it is highly inconvenient for many users.

Checked on image and the same, will raise a ticket :)


I was looking at a file field but would expect the same but I have:


is not

higher than

lower than

is blank

is not blank



And what should we use for file size as no Size greater than for example, just higher than and the empty field so is it just that choice and a int number??

Not the same as yours though, I don't have "Character count is" for example....?


Yes that did it :)

Thanks Nic

Hi, Don't see this new tab on mine yet (Done a Ctrl+F5)??

Yes, I can change the viewing size of an image for the details page. However, I had to adjust an image down to less to 1" on all sides because the image was too big to fit on the screen even by using the scale. This took me an hour of continuously readjusting in a separate program to produce a size that would display correctly on the screen with the text. Therefore, there is an issue with size for costs and also having uniformity on how you want certain images displayed from both from administrators and end users.

I did receive an email from Knack about a month ago stating that they do not currently have the ability to change sizes for a specific app. The file maximum is set to a maximum of 250MB per file, which is enormous to me. Since they get paid more based on increases in storage size and the number of records, I’m not sure that they believe it is in their best interests to address the file limit issue at this time.

There are two ways you can address the issue of live app users uploading images that are too large. Take a look at these How To Guides in our Knowledge Base:

1 - How to Automatically Resize Images

2 - How to Limit an Uploaded File’s Size

Hope that helps!