File sizes

It would be great if files that are uploaded also store the size of the file somewhere that is accessible to use. My use case is we’d like to provide a quota to clients that upload files so that we can control the size of the overall file storage. We would do this by calculating the total size based on all files.

Hi @Anand !

While there is no native Knack feature to calculate the total size of all files uploaded, you can use validation rules in your File field’s settings to control the size of each individual File record value as seen below in the screenshot. I’m not sure if that will be helpful for your use case at all, but I thought it would be worth sharing.

Here are some forum threads that are discussing similar topics that may have some helpful information for you:

In the meantime, I have shared this request with our Product team internally for consideration. Thank you for submitting your feature request!

Les, thanks for the response.

Yes, i already use the validation rules, however this does not really do anything for my use case. A native file size that is stored and accessible would be great.

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