Option to optimize (reduce size) uploaded PDF files similar to what there is for images

I have an app that needs users to constantly upload PDF files, I already placed a rule to keep the max file size somewhat manageable, but over time, it starts building up since we need to keep those files in the database.

I know for a fact that PDF files can be greatly reduced and optimized, I have Adobe PDF and I always use it to do that and in most cases I managed to greatly reduce file size without lowering the PDF quality that much.

It was really great if somehow Knak could have this optimization in place, for ex when a user uploads a file, if it’s an PDF it would automatically compress and optimize for lower size, there is nothing worse than a database that’s using a lot more space simply because assets are not optimized.

@BRUNOCERQU60563 - I appreciate that having a similar option to resize a PDF like we can with images could be very useful. Whilst this option may or may not ever happen, you could use Make.com coupled with ilovePDF to resize / compress and post back to Knack.
I’ve been using ilovePDF for a couple of years, it has a load of different things you can do with it and using their API is super easy.
I’ve not used it specifically for compression so can’t say what this would look like, but I’ve been very impressed with the service.
I also use it via the web for all my PDF manipulation requirements.

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Thanks for the input @CarlHolmes but I would really prefer a way that would not force me to pay for just another subscription, sadly we are going in the direction where everything is a subscription and they start to pile up to a point where it gets unsustainable.


Thanks for your reply.

Both services offer a free plan, this would likely be fine for low volume production.
Make.com then starts at $9 per month. As I’m sure you’re aware Make can connect hundreds of different web apps together, currently around 1,500.

I’m not a system integrator, but I still have over 100 active scenarios across a dozen clients. This is simply using Make to add additional functionality to Knack. On occasion, I’m connecting to other services like Google sheets for importing, Outlook for email, Dropbox, Jotform, Google Drive, Cloud Convert, Twilio etc.

IlovePDF also has a free plan and then starts at £4 per month.

I appreciate your point about subscriptions adding up, but both of these offer exceptional value for money and open a host of additional opportunities.

I use ilovePDF to create multi line invoices using Make, a Microsoft Word template and ilovePDF to convert it then Office 365 to email it and then a Knack module to save the file back to the Knack record.

Any way, happy building :rocket:
“Build every day”

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Thanks for sharing this information Carl.
I had not heard of IlovePDF, but it looks great, and I think may be really useful for my apps, both for compression but other uses as well.


I use ilovePDF on my PC just using their website.
I used to use Adobe but have been using this now for a couple of years for all my day to day PDF tasks.

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