Archiving Large Files to Third Party Cloud Storage (

I need to move more than a hundred large pdf files (magazine files, uploaded by users) from a Knack app to our account (where we have unlimited cloud storage). Our app no longer needs access to the files, but we DO want to keep an archive of them – on the off chance that we’ll need one down the line.

Rathering that downloading them all one by one (NIGHTMARE), I’m wondering if anyone has built a simple archiving solution (to download large files seamlessly to a third-party cloud storage platform) — and if you’d be willing to share?

I’ll be looking into building a solution myself with Make next month – but thought I’d check first to see if anyone has already done something similar with great success.

I’ve built many Make scenarios over the past few years, some similar to what you’re describing, but not exactly the same. This should be pretty straight forward. If you are simply looking to move the PDF’s to you could use a Knack search module to lookup all the records that meet your criteria, then add a HTTP module to download them from Knack. Add your module and specify a folder and upload. You could also delete the file from Knack if no longer required.

Happy to schedule some billable time to build this with you via Zoom if interested.

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Right now, there isn’t a batch download option for files or images in the database. If you’re looking for a quick way to save all files, you could try exporting the records.

Exporting a file field will provide you with the URL for the file’s location in our server. You could add all those links to something like a Download Manager and have it manage all the downloads for you.