How to automatically upload attachments- one per record

I have a new client who has requested an app to provide online access to 10,000 pdf files he is sending to me. Each PDF is attached to an individual inventory item (1:1). The uploader doesn’t seem to support uploading files.

I’m looking for suggestions to automate the process of getting them stored in Knack (attached as a file field within the inventory object). Individually uploading them is not an option. Has anyone done something similar? My thoughts are maybe using Make/Integromat or maybe there is an API solution?

I’d really appreciate and ideas you might have. Thanks!

Hi @KathyHiggi39830

I’ve done similar. I created a folder in Dropbox, placed all the PDFs into it. Created a Make scenario to search Dropbox, download and then upload to the connected Knack record.

You’ll need to have a common unique identifier on the inventory record and the PDF file to match them.

If you’ve used Make before it’s a relatively simple process to search for the file in Dropbox, download using a HTTP module, search for the matching Knack record then upload it.

You’ll need to have sufficient API calls on your Make account as each file will use 4 or 5 operations.

Happy to discuss in more detail, send me a DM or contact me via my website:

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Carl, thanks so much. That’s great news. I had the general idea but was missing some specifics. I’ll be giving this a try in the next week or so. I appreciate the help!

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