Adding files from a folder to knack automatically

Hi, we have many PDF's and files coming into a network folder from outside staff that need to be attached to a customer record within knack.  Currently a staff member has to do this manually - is there any method around that may help to automate this? the file names are referenced with the knack reocrd ref number, so at least there is a link.

Thank you in anticipation.


Integromat is a Zapier competitor.. You could use Zapier for the same solution if you already use it...  Either would work... 

Thanks for the suggestions.

I dont want the user in the field to be able to add files, as they are sales reps and it would take too long in the field.

I will have a look at Windows services and Integromat.  Never used that, although we use zapier at the moment for another taks.


Use Integromat... or any of the other automation engines out there. 

Hi Andrew, I think you have two options:

  1. Write a Windows service or forms app to post the files to your Knack app.
  2. Give outside staff some kind of access to your app to allow them to upload files to the customer record directly.

Personally No.2 would be the best option.