Append records from data source (Automatically)

Here's what the situation is: I want to upload new sales data from my business every day from the data source to the knack database. Currently, the only export capabilities of the data source is by email which contains a .csv attachment full of the requested data. I have found a solution that sends this attachment to a dropbox folder and updates (replaces existing .csv file) at regular intervals. The part I'm having trouble with would be appending the new information to the knack database.

Solution 1: I can of course import manually a new csv file every time I want to update my records, but I would like that import process to be done automatically.

Desired solution: Grab the .csv attachment every time it gets updated with new data and append the new information (that days sales data) into the desired table on knack.

Zapier has a solution that parses emails for information that I think I can get to work for my solution. Thanks Brad!

Also not a Zapier user (yet) but you may need to run the CSV through a Google Sheet and it may see the new line there to trigger adding the record to Knack.

Here's Zapier's Knack help page

Knack connections are available in Zapier which will connect to Dropbox. Not sure if you can read the contents of a CSV file in Dropbox (I'm no Zapier expert) but you can trigger appending Knack records with it. See

At the very least testing with a free Zapier plan should quickly reveal whether that's possible.