Automated Import From Sharepoint

Hello all,

I'm trying to set up an automated data import from my Sharepoint into my Knack database and I'm really struggling. I've seen lots of old topics similar to this but nothing recent and I was wondering if there's any changes I'm missing that would make my life easier. 

I have a Sharepoint file that is created each day, taking data from our bespoke computer system and exporting the data I need into whatever file type I want (currently a CSV file). 

What I want is for Knack to take this CSV file and update the database using it, pretty much as if I would if I was doing it manually. 

I've tried Zapier but it doesn't work as intended and everywhere else I've looked has come up short. 

Is there anything which can be done or is it just a limitation of Knack that I'm going to have to live with?

Thank you all for the advice.