Easiest way to update a record in Knack by email

I have built a basic CRM as part of a bigger App. You create an opportunity header and can attach multiple notes to each opportunity.

Getting people to login and update/add notes is proving difficult.

I was thinking I might implement some way for users to email the knack app and it would automatically add a note record with the contents of the email (users could also BCC the app when emailing an other user for example)

I see that Zapier have an email parser so guess I could have the user state the Oppotunity ID (incremental number) in their emails and tag it somehow so that Zapier could pick it up.

Any simpler or better ways to do this (I'm not yet confident with jS/Jquery)

thanks Noel

Thanks for getting back to me. I'd like to give it a try and see how I get on. Volumes aren't large so shouldn't break the (zapier) bank :-) 

tks again, Noel

Hey Noel. Both Zapier and Integromat offer email parsers. Zapier's is pretty straightforward. How it works is you send Zapier an email in the format you're expecting and then Zapier allows you to tag the parts of that template email which you want to extract (in this case, record ID).
JS/jQiery knowledge wouldn't be too beneficial in this case, anyway, as those are for clientside work. If you wanted to implement this without the recurring monthly costs of Zapier or Integromat, this could be implemented on your own server if you have one or a cheap VPS for like $5-$10/mo USD.
I'd be happy to assist you with either option, if needed. :)