Attaching pdf files to emails sent by Trigger

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Appreciate any ideas or insight here.

I am sending out cost estimates (uploaded pdf document) by email and I have a trigger working except that many of our clients are restricted when it comes to clicking on links in an email and then downloading the pdf from a browser. They are requesting to receive the pdf as an email attachment.

Is there any way to achive this via a Knack trigger - that is to actually attach a file to an outgoing email?

I have tried looking at the New Form Submision trigger in Zapier and sending via outlook - this works fine except that if i want to include linked and formula fields I cannot as none of these fields are allowed on a Knack “Edit” form. The email available to send then is too “basic”.

I also looked at sending all the “required” fields to a connected table and using the new record trigger to send a mail via zapier and outlook, but the issue here is that i cannot get the pdf file added to the new record and so my mail lacks the attachment again.

Appreciate any solutions?

You should be able to achieve this using Make.

If you have the PDF as a field in Knack then you could create a mailhook on your edit page and use any of the fields in the object.
If you’ve not used Make (formerly Integromat) before there are all a couple of getting started videos on my channel.

Mailhooks - Knack Database

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Thanks @CarlHolmes

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Hi @CarlHolmes
My first scenario on Make actually went the otherway - sending an email to a mail hook and getting the file uploaded to a newly created Knack record.
My sequence in the scenario
Send to mail hook
Upload to dropbox
Rename file in dropbox
Upload file to Knack
Create new record in Knack

It all seems to work fine, I get a new record in Knack and the file field shows a file uploaded but when i click on the file in Knack I get an error per below:

Any suggestions where I might look for the issue?
Really appreciate