File Attachments, Bulk Uploads, and Email Attachments

Little background. We are a lending platform and therefore deal with a ton of attachments from our users.

Our agents upload statements, applications, and various other documents. Because of this, uploading files one by one without the ability to bulk upload is untenable because out average number of files uploaded is 5 to 10 pdf's per form submission. Furthermore, after the form is submitted we need to be able to attach these files to an email for submission to our network.

Little did I know that this is not possible in the current iteration of knack. I attempted a work around through formsite and zapier to import these files to knack and they do not support the action.

Ive reached a quitting point here as this functionality is crucial to this application. Any suggestions or pointers would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

Hi Eric - some users are having success with Integromat over Zapier for certain actions, that might let you wire up formsite and Knack for multiple file uploads.