Sending a PDF document from your database with Integromat

There has been quite a lot of interest here - and then at KnackCon last week about sending PDF documents from Knack apps.

Integromat recently introduced a PDF 'app' which converts HTML into a PDF and I thought I would see what could be achieved in a real world type scenario. 

I've written this up in a blog post which you can see here:

Sending a PDF document from your database with Integromat

Sam - since I wrote the article, the native Integromat PDF module has been removed (great shame) and I now also use CloudConvert for clients for this purpose - in conjunction with Integromat which is basically a more powerful version of Zapier (in my opinion).

There are a number of ways to 'trigger' an Integromat process from Knack from New or Updated records, sending an email to a 'Mailhook' module in Integromat or even calling a webhook in Javascript. If you look through some of the examples on my blog I think you will find something suitable: 

Very excellent post and thanks a lot to Julian and Dean!

8882402508 I am struggling to implement your method here, can you please outline steps to follow to accomplish conversion using zapier?

Must I first send a knack email to zapier (using " email by Zapier app) then later I must create another zap between email by zapier and Cloud Convert?

One easier and possibly less expensive method is to use CloudConvert which gives you 25 free minutes to perform conversions. I send a Knack email with the record data to Zapier and then have Zapier send through my free account at CloudConvert which converts the HTML in the email into a PDF. It works pretty well.

Excellent post, thank you. Very helpful.

Thanks Julian, it was good to meet up at knackcon, thanks for sharing this fantastic post.