Downloading files or attaching them to email

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to use Integromat and Knack to generate an email that has multiple attachments.

A user uploads some travel receipts (PDF or JPEG), they enter the amount and an invoice is generated with Quickbooks. The email then has the receipts and the invoice as attachments.

The problem is that I can't seem to download the file from Knack. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions?

I'm considering uploading the files to Dropbox and then retrieving them from there but seem to keep adding applications and subscriptions to my solution!

Any ideas?


Hi Julian,

I didn't see your reply - thank you!

Hi Mark

You can retrieve the files using an HTTP module in Integromat - so the scenario would look like:

And the HTTP module:

Hope this helps?

I’m interested in a similar solution but the links to the proposed solutions dated May 2019 no longer work. Does anyone have a solution for batch downloading pdf files preferably to Dropbox.

I looked into Zaps (Zapier) but I don’t believe that there is a zap that would download a file from knack into dropbox.