Email current page as pdf

Is there any way to send an email attachment of the current page as pdf.

I've just written a blog post about using Integromat with Knack to create and send a PDF from data in Knack - you can see it here:

Sending a PDF document from your database with Integromat

Have not tried it myself yet, but you could possibly - via the api - set up a html to pdf service. Look for example at:

Hi Ron, Thank you so much for your help. I will try this.

There isn't an 'easy' way. After much research including webmerge, I chose to use a recommendation by Sunny. I changed my directive. A PDF is a static document that will take resources to create and store. Sunny's recommendation liberates you from this. The following method is actually an HTML form that the recipient can access under your conditions. Recipients can no longer complain that they lost it or didn't get it or generate their own PDF. They can print it You can also use this method in a Customer Portal setting.

  1. Add a Page to the main page list (not a child) with the Form info (details, tables, etc.) that you want to email or print.
  2. Make sure that none of the fields are editable.
  3. In the Java script section add code to strip away all menu items to prevent the viewer from accessing your program. My example is

    // Customer Quote View-Hide all options to navigate except for print
    $(document).on('knack-scene-render.scene_488', function (event, scene) {


  4. Now, on your page where you'll be emailing the document, add an Email Action link. In the message include a URL link to the Form Page with a suffix at the end of the link select the {RECORD ID] from the list of fields to populate the message. An example would be Order Link knackformpagetosend/{RECORD ID}
  5. Note: Your entire program must be Login Protected to block document viewers from 'backing into your program'. All except the forms that you want them to see. Secure documents would need to have Login protection added.

I've skipped some details here as I'm limited on time but I hope this will save you from the many hours that I spent on this issue. This information is only to help you in an alternative thought process to your problem. It is not intended as an exact guide or instruction.