Generate current page as pdf and email it

I believe there is no option in knack to email the pdf attachment of displayed page. Is there any freeware way to do the same using JS.

Hello Kevin,


Yes it's a webpage and we email this link when someone click on link we have an option to download this PDF or directly print option.



Sunny Singla 

Sunny, I like this pdf example. How did you set this up to work in Knack? Can this PDF then be emailed automatically?

Hello Muralikanthg,


Yes there is a way where you can send a link of html page and when html page is rendered then print as pdf .


like below link 



Sunny Singla



Could I ask why you want to generate a PDF rather than give the user access to the record securely? Creating a PDF output isn’t nartive to Knack as it’s extracting data and emailed rather than sharing.
Is it possible to move on from email?