Print custom pdf via Integromat


I am trying to print a custom pdf report of a record via Integromat and have it trigger via a link updating a dummy field from a Knack table (eg "print pdf"). The only way I can see to trigger Integromat is by updating a record, but I don't want it to be triggered whenever any record is updated - only when the "print pdf" link is clicked (thereby updating the dummy field).

Is there a simple way to do this? Thanks.

Thanks :) Very helpful.

Hi Craig

I think there are basically two ways of achieving this...

  1. The more 'standard' way of doing this would be with an Update trigger as you suggest - but have a filter which only passes through records which have {Print PDF} as, say, True. So the scenario would have an initial trigger module, then a module to retrieve the actual record - and then filter. This means that every update to the record would use two Integromat Operations of course.

    Using this approach, you will also need to have a module at the end of the scenario which sets the {Print PDF} field to False so that any other edits to the same record don't cause another print.

  2. An alternative would be to trigger Integromat using a webhook as I describe in the following article:

    I would probably have the webhook code triggered by a popup form's submit. This form need have no fields on it at all - just a submit button.