Stop converting filenames to lowercase

Is there any way to stop Knack from converting the filenames of uploaded files. I need them to stay consistent with the way they were uploaded.

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I’m guessing the answer is no. This could be a deal killer for my app because the filenames need to match source files.

I would be happy to not store files on Knack if it was possible to upload and pass them to Integromat for storage on dropbox, but I don’t even see how this is possible without the conversion? It even strips dashes! :frowning:

Any suggestions out there?

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Hi @B11 - I have checked with Knack Support for you and there isn’t a work around that they are aware of, me either :disappointed_relieved: - You may want to email support if you are after more background.

Hi Carl, thanks for checking. This is a huge bummer, i only wish i noticed it sooner. What’s really sad is I don’t even think i can see a way to capture the original file name and store it. I think this kind of asset modification is pretty aggressive and unnecessary on Knack’s part. I’m surprised I didn’t see more posts about it.

I came across this post about multiple uploads and the different ways people got around it. Most were through code but on this one the user went out to jotform for an upload form. Got me thinking that there might be a possibility to use a third party upload form that could zip the file(s) before storage at Knack. Then when I archive the files over at dropbox they could get unzipped.

I’m definitely feeling defeated though and really bummed I have to report back to my client that I’ve hit a brick wall.

Hey @B11 - The Jotform multi file upload is a great example of @Loic_Wiseflow ingenuity for finding bespoke solutions. Loic is a fellow Knack Expert and a friend of mine. He is based California, I’m near London.
We connected last week and he kindly spent an hour walking new through setting up the Jotform scenario.
It would be worth reaching out to him at Wiseflow to see if he can offer a solution to your file syntax conundrum.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a coder and try to avoid it where possible and use Knacks native features to work around an issue. This sometimes includes leveraging Integromat.

I can’t say if Loic can help and if there would be charge but it would be worth exploring before you discuss with your client.

There are a couple of other people that I can hook you up with but Loic is a very capable individual. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks, I hired Loic today and we came very close to a solution using the jotform method and creating a zip archive in Integromat. We got a little stuck on how the Integromat Archive Module functions but I think we can figure it out.

Right now I’m looking at Ragic, which looks promising. Native multiple file uploads per record without screwing up the filename, also they have backup/restore on tap. I’m going to give it a try for a few hours. I really enjoyed learning Knack and will probably use it again for a different project in the future, or come back to what I’ve started here and just deal with the file upload by prepacking a zip. But this sort of defeats the whole point of this project which is tracking and accountability of the files between client and customer.

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I’m pleased that the connection with Loic was beneficial. Hopefully catch up again when you circle back to knack. :facepunch:

For some reason, Jotform put the file URL and file names on two different arrays, so it is a bit tricky to the exact filename and URL in the same collection but I figured it out :sweat_smile: