Change filename for image field on upload or download

I take this comment from 2017.
And now in 2020 I need this now exactly!!

Hi Knack, it would be cool if an image and file field would have the possibility to auto-name the file, once downloaded.

So lets say, that I have a form where job applicants can sign up.
There would be a Name field and for the applicant, and they would also have to upload an image of themselves.

When I then view the applicants and want to download their image,
I would be nice If I could say that the image should be generated with a file name
that consists of data from one or more other
fields - fx. their Name, Age and applicant number,

so that the image would be named Lisa-Jensen-38-17.

Hope someone can help me.

Brad, yes JotForm is an incredible service everything works great PDF converter and their card style forms I've been using for years.

Good find on Jotform Tony. Have you used the PDF editor by any chance mate?

To accomplish things like this i have resorted to with combined with S3 the same file storage service that knack uses. With this combination of services, I am able to use any file name or structure I prefer, and a nice form upload service from Jotform combined with API logic from Integromat. And of course Knack for the database and UX They work great together