Sharing my multi-file upload code

I've made some JS that embeds the library into Knack. This integrates with form uploads properly -- all form validation logic is preserved, and any non-file-input fields still work as expected.

Code at for anyone interested. Some TODOs do remain, but it's functional enough that I am using it on my own site. 

Video of it working -

Hmmm that might be a bug. Probably the same issue as the images not appearing in the builder. I don't have time at the moment to investigate, so you're on your own for now. If you find anything, please share here and maybe I can confirm if you've foudn the problem

Thanks for the video! I managed to connect it!

Just a note - it works great to upload multiple images with.

However I'm struggling to get it to work with files: it creates a record for each file in the upload, but then when I try to access that uploaded file (pdf, csv, etc) I get a message that the file doesn't exist.

9143322307 See if this helps -

Thank you for sharing.

How can I change it to connect to 1 other object? I want to upload files that are connected the logged in user.


Awesome share man - looking forward to testing this.