Sharing my multi-file upload code

I've made some JS that embeds the library into Knack. This integrates with form uploads properly -- all form validation logic is preserved, and any non-file-input fields still work as expected.

Code at for anyone interested. Some TODOs do remain, but it's functional enough that I am using it on my own site. 

Video of it working -

Hmmm that might be a bug. Probably the same issue as the images not appearing in the builder. I don't have time at the moment to investigate, so you're on your own for now. If you find anything, please share here and maybe I can confirm if you've foudn the problem

Thanks for the video! I managed to connect it!

Just a note - it works great to upload multiple images with.

However I'm struggling to get it to work with files: it creates a record for each file in the upload, but then when I try to access that uploaded file (pdf, csv, etc) I get a message that the file doesn't exist.

9143322307 See if this helps -

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Thank you for sharing.

How can I change it to connect to 1 other object? I want to upload files that are connected the logged in user.


Awesome share man - looking forward to testing this.

@HamiltonTu35008 , I got it to work. Great job!

Although, I’m trying to hide my App ID. You mentioned to use the View API. I’m not understanding on how to do that. Another one of your great videos would be nice to look on how to do that.

Thank you!


Well, It didn’t work completely. It says that the file is not available.
Hope to get your help with this.

Thank you.

Same here. Did you get it to work? @ZapBaum60976