Parent - Child tables

Way to build a single table that displays every record in a parent object and every connected child record.

Currently, a table can be build either with the parent object (can't show child information) or with the child object - showing parent record fields but only when there's a connected record.

Table/sub-table view (a la Access circa 1990 :) or perhaps an option to display parent information even when there is no connected record in the child object.

Hi Brandon,
any news on this feature request?
i have designed a Ticketing System as a Knack application which i would like to extend for this feature: I would like to send customised mails (which i know how to accomplish) which contains data from two different tables. 
My difficulities arise from the data model which is a plain vanilla Parent (=Tickets) -child (=Entries)-relation. 1 Ticket is always connected to n Entries.
The mail i would like to customise should contain information from both a ticket AND the corresponding entries. When i customise the mail i can only access the parent table OR the child table.
I am looking for a solution (probably in JS) that pushes some information (as a concatenate or aggregation of the Entries) up to the connected parent Ticket. This would allow to pick all the information needed for the mail from the parent table.
Maybe i am complicating a straightforward task and you know easier solutions.
Thanks for looking into it.

Here a simple example.  I have a table of products and some but not all products come in different colors.  Color options are stored in a child table.  It's currently not possible for me to show a table of all products and all color options.

A table can display product information, but not colors.  Or it can display color information for products that come in different colors, omitting products that don't have those child records. 

Access has one way to handle tables / subtables - see image fwiw.  


Hi Brandon. 

As a hypothetical example, picture a forum like this one but where you want to export the comments and associated replies in a single table to use for external purposes (e.g preparing a document) - start at the top with an Object called Users that holds user details. Users can then make one or more initial comments in a Comments object.  Users are then able to make replies to any Comment (their own comment or another user's). Replies are stored in a Replies object that is connected to both the User object and to the Comments object - the connection with the Comments object is required so that, in a table showing all of the Replies from a User, you can see which comment each Reply relates to. At present Knack allows for this table, but it does not allow a table to be produced that shows all of the Comments a User has made along with all of the Replies from other Users included for each Comment. As a result you cannot export that combined dataset for use in external documents, etc.

This type of arrangement could be applied a whole range of areas where people are crowd sourcing product design/development, document reviewing, community knowledge collection, etc - anywhere there is a need for feedback from participants on the comments/input made by other participants, and where the database needs to produce an export file that shows the initial comments as well as the further comments on those initial comments.

Thanks for looking into it. 

Plus 1 for this feature please. Even if it is limited to two relationship levels. 

I feel this to be very important. Would increase functionality tremendously.