Email a Table / List of Connected Items

Is it possible to generate an email with a list of child items connected to a parent object?

As an example, we have a parent object called Recipes with a child object called Ingredients. Would like to be able to generate an email that lists all of the associated Ingredients for a specific Recipe.


Has there been any advancement on this? We could use this functionality too.

Hi @Joe68522

While you still can’t do this natively in Knack it is very possible in Integromat.

The basic process is:

  1. Trigger Integromat using whichever method - send an email to a ‘mailook’, have an edited record trigger etc. Should provide integromat with a unique value from the parent record.
  2. Retrieve the parent record
  3. Search for child records using the ID from 2
  4. Use a text aggregator to group all the data you need from the child record into separate rows. Note that this can include the HTML tags required to make a nice looking table.
  5. Compose your email including the list created in 4. If you create your aggregator text to include table row etc codes then you will need to include the table and table header items in the email before and after the table to complete the definition of the table. (Hope that makes sense)

This is something I have used a lot in projects and is quite simple to create - but of course it would be great if native Knack features could include this.